Quarterly Commentary

Performance summary, assessment of economic and market drivers, and rationale for risk positioning.

Research Insights

FT Feature on Hannah Strasser

May 2018

Source: Attracta Mooney, 2018. Love led me into high-yield bonds, says Hannah Strasser. Financial Times. May 14. Used under licence from the Financial Times. All Rights Reserved.

ESG Initiative: Gender Diversity

March 2018

Focus: diversity in corporate leadership and governance

High Yield 2018 Outlook

December 2017

Summary report: 2017 recap and 2018 market expectations and risks

US Tax Reform — High Yield Market Implications

December 2017

Analysis of sectors and issuers most likely to benefit

The Disconnect between Recent S&P 500 and HYG ETF Returns

November 2017

Recent performance divergence examined

What do we know about Jerome Powell?

November 2017

A first look at the newly nominated next Fed chairman

ESG Integration: A Strategic Update

September 2017

Report on SKY Harbor‘s ongoing Responsible Investing Initiatives

Not Fake News: Active Beats Passive in High Yield Investing

June 2017

Highlights five key limitations of a passive approach

Spread Cushion: High Yield in a Rising Rate Environment

February 2017

Finding the break even for absorbing a rise in interest rates

GDP Growth and High Yield Total Returns: Finding the “Sweet Spot”

January 2017

Analysis of GDP Growth scenarios

The Case for High Yield

January 2017

A look at diversification, credit fundamentals, key macro drivers, correlations and volatility

High Yield 2017 Outlook

December 2016

2016 recap, asset class relative value and 2017 market expectations